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About Us

Our mission at Real Estate Home Sales is to provide our clients and community with the best real estate information and consulting, combined with superior technology and marketing, to provide all with the highest level of service and accuracy possible.


A few of our clients include:

•American Home Mortgage •Wilshire Credit
•Asset-Link •Wachovia
•Nationwide REO Brokers •GMAC
•Novastar Mortgage •HSBC
•Premiere Asset Services National Default Services •Fannie Mae
•Carrington Mortgage Services

Our Team

Steve Modica
President / REO Director
ste ve@real estatehomesales.com

Stella Natalie
Operation Manager
ste lla@reales tateh omesales.c om

Lorrie Solo
Office Administrator
lor rie@real estatehomesales.com

Christine Seedig
Closing Administrator
chri stine@real estatehomesales.com

Amado Mederos
Field Services Administrator
ama do@real estatehomesales.com