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Why I am back!

Two years ago, I made the decision to come out of semi-retirement from one of my most favorite passions, and as my wife will tell you (my first Love) Real Estate. I received many calls from old Reo/Bank clients asking if I could help with their flow of Reo assets and do some consulting. Real Estate Home Sales is considered one of the most innovative Real Estate agencies in the marketplace. We utilize the latest in technologies and Marketing thru the use of the internet and other resources. Today, technologies are even more crucial because of the necessity to stay ahead of the vast growing competition. 

What this means for our clients is that we are able to provide more exposure and marketing in many places. Obtaining qualified buyers for our clients in this limited financing environment is essential. Through our joint ventures with established lenders, we are able to provide our clients with more value with our myriad of services than other agencies. Early in my career, I discovered that most real estate professionals essentially offered the same old marketing, just packaged up differently. This troubled me as I began to develop a larger client base.   I tried to provide some sort of real benefit beyond the smoke and mirrors offered by everyone else. It became abundantly clear very quickly that if I was going to be true to my belief, that I was going to need to create an internet marketing strategy and campaign that was more innovative and effective than other real estate professionals.
Fortunately, for my clients and for myself, I was able to follow through on my goal of creating more value by offering better marketing and services than others. With a powerful presence on the internet along with some creative marketing strategies. To this day, I believe that the success I have been able to achieve centers around the idea that I have had from the very beginning of my career. I have always placed my client’s interest before my own. This basic concept has allowed for a tremendous positive result in my Real Estate life.
Our mission at Real Estate Home Sales is to provide our clients and community with the best real estate information and consulting, combined with superior technology and marketing, to provide all with the highest level of service and accuracy possible
Steven L. Modica
Real Estate Home Sales
NRBA Director